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  “Expat for Brexit” at

“Expat for Brexit” began in early 2016 as a contribution to the Brexit Referendum debate. I took there a more historical and philosophical approach to Brexit. Despite being a British expat living in France, I saw no reason to fear Brexit. Indeed my view was that Brexit should be embraced in order to restore the English/British constitutional and legal tradition which I regard as superior to the Continental version derived from the French statist, dirigiste, deductive approach. The reality of Brexit has proved my confidence and view correct – so far. The UK has yet to eradicate the entire EU culture and the associated corpus of law from its constitutional and legal thinking and operation.

Later in 2016, was launched under another name but remains an explanation of the actual faith elaborated by the New Testament of the Bible –  as distinct from the often tangential theological,  denominational or sectarian interpretations and traditions. In my view,  the Bible describes a living faith in a living God, and that the only way to understand and appreciate the Bible is on that spiritual basis – not as a theological or academic treatise to be analysed and dismissed by people who refuse or fail to understand its very practical nature and role. There is also a more succinct version in French.


Conservatism Institute was originally launched in 2018 under the name of Right Wing Institute before having minor modifications with its renaming in August 2021. Its purpose is to promote the principled philosophy of the right wing tradition of the English speaking peoples. As such it is to be distinguished from the often prejudiced predisposition of much right wing comment. My thinking spontaneously aligns quite closely with that of Edmund Burke as elaborated in his classic text: Reflections on the Revolution in France.

CORE CONSERVATISM: Edmund Burke’s Landmark Definition

Published in March 2020, my edition of Edmund Burke’s classic statement of Conservatism in his Reflections on the Revolution in France flowed naturally on from my Rightwing.Institute website on Conservatism. It has the same purpose, but in particular makes available a far more user friendly edition of Burke’s classic text. My edition was conceived and designed as an aid to Edmund Burke’s political philosophy aimed at both ‘believers’ and students of politics and of history.  It is the first edition to number the paragraphs and the first to distil Burke’s Conservative thinking to 3 Principles and 10 Tenets. For decades now, British academia has excluded one of the most important political thinkers of the modern age. Indeed, in his 2014 biography of Edmund Burke, Dr Jesse Norman, goes so far as to call Edmund Burke, “both the greatest and the most underrated political thinker of the last 300 years.”

Philotheos/ism is Theocentric Philosophy. It was precipitated by the abuses practised by western governments in response to Covid. Such abuse in defiance of our manifest history of liberty, I attribute to the triumph today of Materialist thinking over the traditional Christian perspective and paradigm of the western world. I believe that I am the first person to use accurately and coherently the words “philotheos” and “philotheism” to describe the thoroughly theocentric philosophy I define. It is consistent with the apostle Paul’s usage in 2Timothy chapter 3, verse 4. “I AM” is the central concept for God. “Philotheos” describes this central concept and “Philotheism” the consequent paradigm arising.  This distinguishes a faithful, God-centred study of God from man-centred philosophy and its subsidiary discipline known as “Theology”.

Finally, the Blog posts on this website are a miscellany of more personal interests, comments, concerns  – see the latest below.

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